Flat knittting machine

Double system Flat knitting machine

Knitting Guage:2.5G/3G/3.5G/5G/57G/7G/8G/10G/12G/14G/16G
Knitting  size  :36Inch/52Inch/60Inch/72Inch/80Inch/100Inch/
Machine Warranty: 1 year
Packing size: 2.8*1.1*1.8 meter
Description Machine Features
  1. 可编织3.5针、5针、6针、7针织物。It can knit 3.5G, 5G, 6G, 7G fabric.

  2. 高速高效,效率比老机型提升30%以上。High speed and high efficiency, 30% efficiency is promoted than old generation.

  3. 动态度目,单行度目可变,编织花型更加丰富。Dynamic density, adjustable density in single row, richer knitting patterns.

  4. 双摇床功能,最大支持7x7绞花功能。   Double racking, supports to knit max 7x7 cable pattern.

  5. 摇床零等待,翻针编织同步进行,效率更高。Zero waiting of racking, needle transfer and knit synchronous, more efficient.

  6. 起底板配合纱夹纱剪,提高效率,节约废纱。Comb, scissors and clip promotes production efficient, reduces waste yarn.

  7. 实现挑孔、吊目、嵌花、四平、提花、明收针、暗收针、以及其他无规则花型编织功能。Achieve pointel, tuck, intarsia, full needle, jacquard, apparent shape, hidden shape and all kinds of irregular knitting pattern.

  8. 适用羊毛、羊绒、棉、化纤、真丝、以及各类混纺纱线。Suitable for wool, cashmere, cotton, chemical fiber, silk, as well as all kinds of blended yarn.

  9. 联网功能有利于大规模生产在线管理,手机APP支持异地管理。Networking features is useful for large-scale production online management, mobile App supports offsite management

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